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Song Wars

Page history last edited by OBoogie 11 years, 8 months ago

A fortnightly feature of the Adam and Joe BBC6 Music show, in which Adam and Joe compose and perform songs on a given theme and battle them in the arena of listener votes.



The Times

'...proving that the comedy song can be, like, actual proper art, when well executed'

The Observer


Here's a tally of the scores so far (non-competition Song Wars songs excluded):


  Won Lost % Won
Adam 15 14 52%
Joe 14 13 52%
Garth Jennings 2 3 40%
Chris Salt 1 0 100%
Danny Wallace 1 0 100%
Richard Glover 0 1 0%



Volume 1


Track No.
  Download Video
1 Song Wars Song Adam iTunes N/A

THEME: Shaun Keaveny Replacement Shows (20 August 2007)

European Supermarket Joe iTunes N/A
3 Jane's Brain (WIN) Adam iTunes N/A

THEME: Height (27 October 2007)

T. A. L. L. (WIN) Joe iTunes N/A
5 4 Foot Club Adam iTunes N/A

THEME: Public Transport (03 November 2007)

The Public Transport Song (WIN) Joe iTunes N/A
7 Tiny Mobile Speakers Adam iTunes N/A

THEME: Song for a listener (17 November 2007)

Jack Meller's Song Joe iTunes N/A
9 James Rohan Neanderthal Man (WIN) Adam iTunes N/A

THEME: Climate Change w/ Whistling (24 November 2007)

Global Warming Song (WIN) Joe iTunes N/A
11 Sincere Whistling Eco Song Adam iTunes N/A

THEME: IKEA Meatballs Instructions (10 November 2007)

Meatballs (WIN) Joe iTunes N/A
13 Meatballs Adam iTunes N/A

THEME: I'm a Celebrity, Get Me Out Of Here (01 December 2007)

15 I'm a Celebrity Song Adam iTunes N/A

THEME: Christmas (15 December 2007)

All Night Garage (WIN) Joe iTunes N/A
17 Christmas Country Party Time Adam iTunes N/A

THEME: End Credits Music for a Film (08 December 2007)

The Shining Joe iTunes N/A
19 The Hours (WIN) Adam iTunes Youtube

THEME: Cryptozoology (12 January 2008)

Bigfoot (WIN) Joe iTunes N/A
21 Loch Ness Monster Song Adam iTunes N/A

THEME: Instructional Songs for Children (19 January 2008)

The Right and Wrong Song (WIN) Joe iTunes N/A
23 Toothpaste Brush Adam iTunes N/A

WEEK OFF (02 February 2008)

24 No More Song Wars Joe iTunes N/A




Yet To Be Released


Track No.
THEME: Ringtones (05 January 2008) Download Video

Phone Call Joe N/A N/A

You Funky Mother Joe N/A N/A

Excuse Me Joe N/A N/A

You Got a Call (WIN) Adam N/A N/A

THEME: Internet Piracy (26 January 2008)  

Cautionary Song about Illegal Downloading Joe N/A N/A

Piracy Song (WIN) Adam N/A N/A

THEME: Songs in a Foreign Language (01 March 2008)  
  The Actresses of France Joe N/A N/A
  Penelope Cruz (WIN) Adam N/A N/A

WEEK OFF (08 March 2008)  
  This is Not a Song Joe N/A N/A

THEME: Songs Featuring Family Members (15 March 2008)  
  I'm Still Standing (feat. Grandma Joan) Garth N/A N/A
  BaaadDad Rap (feat. Nigel Buxton) (WIN) Adam N/A N/A

THEME: Kate Nash Songs (29 March 2009)  
  Itchy Bum Joe N/A N/A
  Bums and Binge Drinking (WIN) Adam N/A N/A

WEEK OFF (12 April 2008)  
  Jackson Brown Adam N/A N/A

THEME: Festival Songs (19 April 2008)  
  Glastonbury Song Joe N/A N/A
  Festival Song (WIN) Adam N/A Video

THEME: Family Friendly Erotica (03 May 2008)  
  Dr. Sexy (WIN) Joe N/A N/A
  Dirty Robots Adam N/A N/A

THEME: New Birthday Songs (17 May 2008)  
  Birthday Reply Song Joe N/A N/A
  Happy Birthday Time (WIN) Adam N/A N/A

THEME: Illness (21 June 2008)  
  Hayfever (WIN) Garth N/A N/A
  Flu Adam N/A N/A

THEME: Quantum of Solace Themes (02 August 2008)  
  The Quantum of Solace Joe N/A N/A
  The Quantum of Solace (WIN) Adam N/A


THEME: Songs for MOJO Magazine [MOJO Exclusive] (02 August 2008)  
  Beck Adam N/A N/A
  The Fall Adam N/A


THEME: Grazia Articles (30 August 2008)  
  This Week in Grazia Joe N/A N/A
  Too Beautiful for a Cranky Old Bag Like Me (WIN) Adam N/A


THEME: Credit Crunch (20 September 2008)  
  My Credit Crunchy Song (WIN) Garth N/A N/A
  The Crunch Adam N/A N/A
  Crunchier, Happier Adam N/A


THEME: Radiohead 'Reckoner' Remixes (04 October 2008)  
  Thom in the Shower Garth N/A N/A
  It's Very Hard to Clear Radiohead (WIN) Adam N/A


THEME: Scary Songs (25 October 2008)  
  Hello Mr. Ghost Joe N/A N/A
  Nutty Room (WIN) Adam N/A


THEME: Revised Theme Tunes (08 November 2008)  
  Antiques Roadshow (WIN) Joe N/A N/A
  Here is the News Adam N/A


THEME: National Treasures (06 December 2008)  
  La La La Lumley (WIN) Joe N/A N/A
  Stephen Fry Adam N/A


THEME: Guest Song Wars (27 December 2008)  
  Merry Christmas Song (WIN) Chris N/A N/A
  Nativity Play Garth N/A


THEME: Baz Luhrmann's Australia (10 January 2009)  
  Australia Joe N/A N/A
  Australia Song (WIN) Adam N/A


THEME: Contractual Obligation Songs (24 January 2009)  
  Your Wife and Kids Joe N/A N/A
  Haughty Man Adam N/A


THEME: Songs about Adam and Joe (31 January 2009)  
  Adam (WIN) Danny N/A N/A
  Joe Richard N/A


THEME: Ultimate '80s Songs (07 March 2009)                                                     
  Incredible Song                                     
Joe       N/A N/A
  '80s Song (WIN) Adam N/A



Video Wars

A listener competition to create a video for either Adam's 'Jane's Brain' or Joe's 'Meatballs'.

Winner Chris Salt appeared on BBC6 Music Series 2 Show 40.



WINNER: Chris Salt - 'Jane's Brain'


The Emmett Family - 'Meatballs'

Ali McKernan - 'Jane's Brain'

Bill Edwards - 'Jane's Brain'

Stuart Lanceley - 'Meatballs'


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